Correctly installed windshield saves a life

By rgadmin on June 11, 2015

Categories: Windshields

Are you confident that the windshields you’ve installed will stay in place and help protect the passengers if the vehicle was in a rollover accident? What if you had the additional challenge of treating corrosion on that vehicle?

Mark Rizzi, owner of ACR Glass in Alliance, Nebraska, is resting easy these days, knowing that the methods and materials that he uses to handle corrosion do restore proper adhesion, even in a rollover accident. Last month, Mark learned about a 16-year-old girl who walked away unharmed from a rollover accident in her 1990 Toyota Camry. The windshield did its job and stayed in place, keeping the roof from crushing her as the car rolled. This was especially rewarding for Mark because he had replaced the vehicle’s windshield in July of 2000 and had treated 50-60% of the bond line on three sides for level 2 corrosion. He is more confident than ever in the corrosion procedures he has been teaching for the past few years at the IGA’s Independents’ Days conventions.