Repair or Replace Broken Windshields before kids go back to school or college

By Rick on August 30, 2011
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As parents, many of us are finishing up our last minute school shopping and making sure our kids have the latest fashions and enough school and office supplies to run a small business for a year.
If you’re like me, some of the other preparations also include:

  • Reviewing their mobile phone plan, whether it’s a Droid or iPhone.
  • Purchasing or making sure their laptop is up to date. Is your student a PC or a Mac?
  • Ordering all the necessary books
  • Purchasing Plastic storage Bins, containers, and cleaning supplies.
  • Helping them trying to decide how to divide chores among their new roommates (Good luck with that!)
  • Trying to figure out how to cram everything into their car or truck

While you are packing the vehicle for the second or third time because that last item won’t quite fit, don’t forget about checking the windshield.

Windshield Repairs are often overlooked

While a major crack will be more obvious, often times there are smaller chips that don’t jump right out at you until it’s too late. Many of those long windshield cracks actually started out as a little chip and if dealt with now, a more costly windshield replacement may be avoided.

Most students will have enough on their mind trying to concentrate on their studies and don’t need the added pressure of dealing with a broken windshield. In fact in many states including Minnesota, it is illegal to drive with a broken windshield, which could lead to a possible traffic violation. Many insurance policies in Minnesota don’t have a deductible for windshield replacements, and those that do will sometimes waive the deductible if the chip is repaired.

Taking care of your students Windshield Repair or Replacement before they head off to school is clearly the safest choice. They will appreciate it, and it may provide you with a little more comfort that they are safe and sound while away from home.