Replace Rear View Mirrors Without Breaking the Bank

By Rick on December 11, 2009
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Categories: Auto Glass

We all know the importance and safety implications of our rear view mirrors. Yet, not a week goes by when I don’t see a car or truck driving around with a cracked, or worst yet, missing rear view mirror glass. Even if it’s not illegal in your area, they are a necessity for safe driving.

It all starts by backing out of the garage while parked a little too close to the garage door or backing out of your parking spot at the mall, where someone has not left you enough room to open your door and BANG! you have a broken mirror.

Price Matters–Especially in a Difficult Economy
We’ve found the reason so many people drive around with broken mirror is because of the price they receive when they make a phone call to their local car dealerships parts department.

Most parts departments only sell the entire mirror with the housing and all the adjusting motors, heating elements, turn indicators and wires that goes with it. Most outside rear view mirrors of this type typically cost in excess of $300-$400 not including the labor to install it. The reason is that the automobile manufacturer buys the mirror and housing as an entire unit for ease of installation during the assembly process.

Don’t Sacrifice Safety
What most consumers don’t know is that there is an alternative. Most reputable glass shops can replace just the glass portion of the mirror housing. Auto Glass companies have access to mirrors that are pre-cut to fit your particular make and model of vehicle.

If a Redi-cut mirror is not available for your vehicle, one can be custom cut for you. Most standard mirrors of this kind can usually be installed for $100 or less. The more options you have on the mirror, such as heated mirrors or turn signals in the mirror, tends to increase the mirror cost and labor costs slightly. So next time this happens to you don’t wait until a broken mirror causes you an accident call your local glass shop and ask to just replace the glass.