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Minneapolis Window Glass and Patio Door Repair

Home window glass and doors

Rapid Glass specializes in window and glass door replacements. Whether you’re replacing one broken or cracked window, or all the windows in your house are fogged and have window condensation or moisture between the glass, we are sure to save you money. First you’ll save money by just replacing the glass instead of the entire window, and second from the energy savings by improving your homes insulating factor and sealing those air leaks. Rapid Glass provides free on-site estimates for most homes in the Twin Cities area.

Window Glass

There are many different types of windows installed on our homes. Many older basement & garage windows are single pane glass and can be cut right on site the same day. Most windows in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area however are double pane windows, otherwise known as insulated window glass. These windows are more commonly used in bay, bedroom, living room, bathroom or kitchen windows. Many newer homes come with low-e glass windows giving the homeowner even more protection from the sun. For quality window glass repair or installation, call Rapid Glass today!

Glass doors and patio doors

Minnesota building codes specify that all glass doors must be made out of either laminated or tempered glass. These types of safety glass are used to protect the occupants and guests of the home. Doors are used more frequently than windows and usually experience much more impact related traffic. Most patio, French and sliding doors are made out of tempered glass because it is lighter. This is also true for storm doors and windows. You’ll know if you have tempered safety glass in your door, because when it breaks, it shatters into a million pieces, usually no bigger than a dime. This trait of tempered glass is what makes it so safe, instead of large knife like shards splintering and causing you or your family injury. Call Rapid Glass for fast sliding patio door repair or installation.

Fireplace glass doors

In Minnesota, our fireplaces and wood burning stoves aren’t just for looks; we use them, and their glass doors sometimes break or become stained. Don’t be left sitting in the cold. Call Rapid Glass today and start enjoying the benefits and beauty of your glass fire place doors.

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